Saturday, 23 January 2010

my week BOOM

and what a stressful one it has been.
Last week consisted of:

dressing up as a leopard

I finally inherited this coat from my Grandma after bugging her about it for ages. I actually wore this outfit on Monday... and. omg! My headteacher saw me in this outift and told me, "young lady, you look very mysterious. I like your coat." lml :)

Oh and that's a pocky in my hand. I wanted a cigarette in a long holder like audrey but the pocky had to suffice :)

This was inspired by 'Petals' by the Honorary Title. (Does anyone know what that is???)

baking conceptual cakes
cupcakes are a human right of passage. These were actually baked to keep my little cousin busy but after she left I couldn't help but get a little artsy :p
zipper cake

Chanel cakes

Cakes which observe YOU :o

pacman cake and friends
patriotic cake (I didn't have any blue...)

making gcse choices
stress! Other year nines will know how I feel. Only at my school we have to choose four extra subjects instead of three. AGH. well, as it stands, my gcses are:
English English Lit. Maths (grr) Blodge Chem Physics German
and my extras are: Art (yeeaah) RS History Drama
only my Dad wants me to do Latin instead of Drama 'cause it's family tradition or some shit. grraaaaaah.

and I've been reading Lord of The Rings and dancing and singing and thinking about dying my hair :)

AND ONE LAST THING! (this is important...)
thanks for all the support after my drawing of michelle! (I'm almost at 60 followers! keep em coming!) SO. If you commented asking to be drawn... email me at and it shall be done :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

"who's been icing the toaster?"

(^^^what my mum said to me the other day when Bee and I were making yummy buttercream icing and it went all over the kitchen.)

Anyway, michelle of glisters and blisters asked me to draw her (I was going to use the term "bellafy" but it made me physically cringe inside my cowboy boots.) She has a fantasic polished-yet-edgy style, creating some patchwork leggings which I find pure genius :) Of course they were included in my drawing along with some other stuff I thought she'd be likely to wear. taadaaaaaahahhh
view it in higher resolution cause bigger is better :)
if you want to be drawn then do tell me. Otherwise I will be lazy and just stalk lookbook rather than being creative.

and shall we finish with a humourous album cover?

Boogie on, my little goats. Boogie on. *wipes tear from eye*

Thursday, 14 January 2010

revamp much?

well then, what do you think of the new layout/header/coolie little side bits/etc? please do tell me if there's anything you think is shit compared to the old one so I can change it back :)

So, it is the last day of holidays (well, technically, the first day back, but I'm home sick...) and I still owe you 14 things. Here they are and I've made them all cool too with the whole "my top..(insert thingie)..of the winter holidays" theme :)

1. present ipod touch 32g :) it replaced my rather retro ipod mini...

2. present 2 vintage baseball jacket which I have worn practically every day since i got it (I'm wearing it two posts back, in fact.)

3. purchase

my ukulele! considering that the infamous tambojukulele doesn't actually work, I squandered my xmas money on this awesome green one :) it took a long while to get here but it was worth it...

4. purchase 2 braces/suspenders as seen in the last post. They go with anything and generally rock :)

5. wish (clothes)
American Apparel CAPE. WOOT.

6. wish (shoes)
pink. winklepickers. from Underground Shoes.

7. movie 'Laputa, Castle in the Sky' which I watched ith Bee and Nicky who are genuinely supportive of my Miyazaki obsession. Thank you :')

8. book 'Riddley Walker.' Post-apocalyptic and told in a form of English that doesn't yet exist. It sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does :)

9. song it's between 'Out of the Blue' - Julian Casablancas, 'Right and Wrong' - the Soft Pack and 'Letting Go' - Team Waterpolo.

10. album
I Told you I was Freaky - Flight of the Conchords. (It could be the Cure greatest Hits but I feel I've gone on about that enough.) but honestly, every song is hilarious and completely listenable - not just soundtracky / pisstakey.

11. tv MISFITS. oh. my. god. My brother and I downloaded all six glorious episodes onto our ipods between us... I know I'm being cringingly teenage but it is, in fact, an AMAZING show. I could go on about it for a whole post so, I'll tell you what, if you share my views, email me and we can have a nice gossip. OK one more thing: NATHAN :D

12. makeup Stargazer hot pink lipstick. The colour looks like it was designed by a five-year-old hannah montana fan but it does go with everything :)

13. website Youtube! I haven't always been a big fan of it (ie I only watched Charlie the Unicorn, charlieissocoollike and nerimon. oh and the dramatic gopher) but after staying up untill 4am the other night with Abbie surfing it I believe I may be hooked :)
Oh and also a website we found which lets you watch every pokemon episode for FREE! OMG! I'm such a freak!

14. yucky thing The cold I have right now D: luckily, it is almost gone :)

So now you have the difficult job of rating the new layout and emailing me if you too are a fan of Misfits. And laughing about my pokenerdiness :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

I'm not trying to impress you but..... I'm Batman.

so here is my gentlemanly outfit :]
I tried doodling it and thought the two pictures looked kinda cool next to one another.

jeans - Topshop, Creepers :D, shirt - brother's, bracespenders, the hat! woot!
oh and then I put it up on lookbook :)
I nicked the abe hat off my friend. I have been saying "fourscore and thirty years ago....." nonstop over the last few days :D fo shizz. I mean... for the shizz-eth (???) The braces/suspenders (whatever the hell you wanna call them... they both have alternate meanings...) are my latest purchase, from a store called "crazy vintage" in portobello :)

also, I have been considering a little new-years revamp. Maybe change my layout and header a little?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Remember back in '09?

this just went up on lookbook too :]

random photos :]
I'm saving my 14 things (no I haven't forgotten!) untill the end of the holiday so I can do a sorta holiday-14-things list :] that's in about a week (yeh, my school's holiday system is weeeeirdd)