Thursday, 6 May 2010


Lou knows best, guys...

check out the conceptual cupcakes we made and handed out to people on Portobello (:mighty boosh!

I'm starting to think that Simon from Misfits has a sort of Ian Curtis thing going on...

(whilst looking for this picture i found a website called which made me slightly upset. Angry, angry music snobs...)

shoes I decorated for my friend (:

...and those were some photographic meditations of late.


tegan said...

those cakes are so awesome! i heart the mighty boosh ones! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your Lou Reed cupcakes and the velvets. I'm in London for work experience next week so I may see you and your decorated footwear walking about.

Camilla said...

I really hope you asked the person before you decorated their shoes.
and yes, lou does always know best it seems.


Ruby said...

wowzaa i Lovee the cupcakes
maybee i'll see you at portobella
one dayy, be suree to save me one :)

olivias-pizzaz said...

that is so awesome! yum yum and the shoes u decorated are amazing!

Panda said...

Saw these on Facebook, they are so awesome, I!
And i was thinking the exact same thing while i was watching 'The singer' episode of "i'm in a rock 'n roll band' on friday night! He looks just like simon! So crazy!
Panda xxx

Lara Woodbine said...

Wow Wow Wow ! Your blog rule'zz Totally Awsome Love it.

Lara xx

Hollie'Rose said...

:') Haa i Love how you've written so many Blabs instead of comments & You designed those shoes ! Woww

I Think i might be Following you :)


Melissa said...

awesome shoes! yum cupcakes too ;)

{ I V Y } said...

o the shoes! <23

Anonymous said...

good times ;)
x x x

Andie said...

those shoes and cupcakes look awesome!!!
blehh i keep putting off emailing you for a drawing from you, so lazy...

Aimee said...

the mighty boosh is amazing, awesome cupcakes ;)

Camilla said...

Bella! You need to update more often!
I can't wait to see my drawing :D
And I'm currently working on starting a new trend- Ice blue nails.
It's the shiz.
Thanks for commenting :)
what do you think was better, middle or side parting- Im still unsure :P


bekster said...

the shoes are awesome...!

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