Monday, 31 August 2009

One more little drawing....

Just a doodle of Abbie, my cool and purple-haired friend....

here is the high resolution version and here is the original photo (I tried to disclude the special effects!)
I'm expecting a picture from her soon ;)
I might post some photography-type things next, not quite sure :)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

A spoonful of Chanel :]

I saw Coco Before Chanel the other day with Bee and it inspired this little doodle of a Chanel-ish person....

please click for the bigger version,  or click here if it isn't working. It looks a lot better in high resolution!!

Anyways, I have always liked the understated glamour of a drapey silk shirt. I added a boyfriend jacket and tapered trousers, which Coco seemed to be wearing throughout most of the film. You should definitely see it if you haven't already, by the way :D 
Oh, and if anyone knows where to get those amazing lime-green tapered trousers I keep seeing, could they tell me cause I want some like hell?

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

vintage patterns galore! :D

My mom found some adorable 1960s patterns at a boot sale and I decided to have a go at making a top... Im guessing people were smaller in those days, but oh well :]

the illustrations on the patterns... how cute??? :D

In progress:

The finished top :]

I borrowed mom's camera....

sorry about the false eyelashes stuck on the mirror ;]

a little small, but not all that bad n_n

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I've got hugs for you if you were born in the 80's :)

you may have noticed i have a new header... i was gettting pretty effing tired of the old one XD
it was between the current one and this~
i think i made the right choice :D
anyway, that wasn't the real purpose of this post. I think I have taken my sharpie obession one step too far, and this time defaced a pair of utterly helpless tights.... (this was actually about a week ago.... I'd been scheming about it for a while, and i saw a gorgeous pair at the clothes horse which were quite inspirational :D)


don't ask about the facial expression/pose in the last picture, cause I don't know.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

quick quick quick post of quickness :D

just wanted to very quickly show you this doodle of my OCs Mariko (left) and Sachiko (right) cause i havent posted in a while ;)
I'll post some more tomorrow/later :)
now, how quick was THAT???

Thursday, 13 August 2009

this suit is NOT. BLACK.

ok, I think I'm ready to show you the pictures from Isa and Violet's stay. I promise some more drawings and designs soon (I'm about to start a new manga doodle which I'll post if it comes out ok, and I have the designs from sewing class still to post n_n)

By the by, these were taken at about 10pm and the lighting was super bad, so i turned my cameras light setting to "warm" which should explain the temperature on some of these~~

anyway, without further ado (oh how british I am...) here are the picturesssss... Tallulah, and Violet (but not Isa!) allowed me to style their outfits, so I shall be way professional and say where everything comes from......

Tallulah~ skirt, American Apparel; Asymmetrical Vest, homemade; Pink Ladies Jacket, boot sale :3

Isa~~ CropTop, Topshop; Bikini Top, Topshop; Shorts, American Apparel; Sunnies, the sharpiefied wayfarers :3

Me~~ CropTop, homemade; hight-waist hotpants, Topshop, Pink Ladies Jacket, Same as before, lazy (jks) Bow, Kings Road.......

Violet~~ Dress, Topshop..... ;)

ok, there's 9 pictures which I think is just about enough to crash your browsers for now :) there are, of course, a ton more, including some gorgeous ones with Tallulah and Isa and the hugest red roses, but I will save those for another post (*cough* don't count on it *cough*)

This suit is black................................................................................................................NOT!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Typewriters and Tambojukeleles

Back in the day before blogger and facebook and Windows Vista, people used to write using things called typewriters, which you'd have to go to woolworths (back in the day...) and buy ink for, and a piece of carbon paper if you wanted to make a copy.....

Not that I'd know anything about it, considering I wasn't actually alive at the time. However I did find a typewriter for £2 at a boot sale :D I've secretly always wanted one, and have been stuck in Suffolk all summer. The romanticist that I am, have been nosing around boot sales with a five pound note trying to find some chic bargain. I think that my parents may have gotten a shock when I came home with something other than the usual haul of vintage posters (My favourite being a Guiness one from somewhere between the 1950s-90s, reading"Guiness Is Good For You - Makes You Strong!")

Instead I brought home my £2 typewriter, and a £3 tambojukelele (a ukelele with a tambourine body....oh whatever imma post pics in a sec :p) both of which are in working order. The person who sold me the tambojukelele was pretty awesome...she was wearing a red polka-dot mickey mouse dress, bloomers, and a real flower in her hair. I got the feeling that she wore that kinda thing every day :]

Anyway, as soon as I got it all home, I had to have a photo shoot. Violet tolerated being my model despite the brightness of the dreaded British sun....

....taking the piss out of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers just a little ;)

There are a bunch of other amazing photos of Isa and Violet, which I will post once I edit them and put them on facebook :)

Oh, and I might as well say, I really need to change my's currently a super old photo. I was playing around on photoshop this morning and came up with this:

(It incorporates the typewriter...super-relevant I'm sure youll agree ;] )

Oh, and, ONE MORE thing :] I am beaming with excitement, because I have helped Isa to create her very own blog, Look Inside For Details: ...... Which is extremely awezum so I thought I should mention it :]

Friday, 7 August 2009

Most Recent :)

Well, the site is pretty much set up and I've sorted it out so it looks ((hopefully)) like I've put some work into it. anyhoo, here are my most recent drawings, designs and photos....


I'm taking a risk putting these up, cause i have no idea if blogger will do them any justice. Hopefully the picture quality wont emphasize those little flaws that keep me up at night!! (joking!! :p *nervous laugh*)

Here is my Lady GaGa, which i spent two weeks on despite not actually liking her music all that much and feeling ever-so-slightly suicidal by the end.... the lyrics on her arm are from 'Paparrazi'
and here is Anon, (credit to Abbie for the name n_n) she's my cool little angel-turned-Devil. Cliched?? noooooo ;)


Last week I went on a sewing course and made a ton of crap, but I think I'll make a new post for that. For now I'll just show my sharpie-fied wayfarers....


The last photo-taking oppurtunity I had was at Latitude Music Festival. I had semi-blue hair (hahah) and was with Loopy :)

tomorrow Isa and Violet, my photographic muses, (eheheh) are coming over for a few days so expect mucho photos soon :)

yayyyy!!! i just made my first post!!!