Sunday, 29 November 2009

my favourite flavour is AWESOME

I never realised I was consdered 'awesome.' Thanks so much, kiki :] (she even used the word in the little description of me! observe: 'Bella, a very awesome fashion blogger as well as trampoline stunt jumper' .....trampoline artist by day, blogger by night? that's me pretty much summed up :p)

Okie dokie, now I have to....
• Thank whoever gave this to you.
• Copy the award.
• Repost it in your blog.
• Tell us seven things that your readers don’t know.
• Link seven new bloggers.
• Notify the winners of the award with a comment on their blog.

Seven more things?? I'll try :)

I have a sharpie obsession.
My first obsession was Johnny Bravo (the show, that is, not the guy)
I now know many real-life Johnny Bravos, ironically :)
Currently playing off my itunes is I like Birds by the Eels
When I'm 70 I plan to dye my hair orange or blue and have at least five dogs.
My dream holiday would be in Tokyo, and I plan to live there at some point.
Last night I watched Pretty in Pink and 16 candles. Oh em gee, it doesn't get much better than that. Oh wait, it does... I was wearing leopard print tights and neon pink knee-highs.

on that note, here are the results of last night. (yes, I dragged tallulah into my eighties chick flick fest :p) They came out a little shitty and grainy, though...

again not tagging real life friends but I swear I do love you guys loads :)

Bella [first] Blondie shirt - Blondie concert (thats whut Im talking about :D) skirt - completely homemade :), tights - H&M, socks - American Apparel
Tallulah [second] shirt - American Apparel, shorts - Dirty Dancing souvenier, tights - Topshop, legwarmers - Primark

any opportunity to dress my friends up as me :D
...OK I feel another Duckie-is-so-cool-oh-my-gawd-I-love-him lecture coming on, bai fer nao :]

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fail Nails (and other tales)

The Fail Nails

OMFG I PAINTED UNION JACKS ON MY NAILS! Nothing says patriotism like wearing one's flag on one's manicure. It was a bit of a fail...and you're not seeing the other hand (it turned into modern art.)

The Other Tales
An outfit I wore ages ago that was decidedly blog-worthy.
Batman top (you now have the batman theme tune stuck in your head.) - Portobello/DIY, Velvet shorts - vintage, tights - topshop, cardi - uummmm new look?, geek glasses - boutique-ish place full of art students

Not only is there a rosette in my hair, but it's a FIRST PLACE rosette which was actually won by my dog... (my mom/dad/brother got bored of me raiding their wardrobes.... but the dog can't speak english so....)

it looks a little better bigger

and lastly, my friend Autumn asked my to draw her. If you want to be drawn, drop me an email. I'm pretty lazy about drawing and will never do it if people don't ask me.

sorry this was so overdue, agghhhhh, I'm behind on my blogging and commenting! (speaking of which, 37 comments on my boingy photos :D)

Monday, 9 November 2009

I nearly broke my leg but it was worth it in the end :)

I mean, is there any pose you can't do in mid air?

You'd be surprised, actually. The temptation to don freaky/intense facial expressions is unbearable :p
and of course there's the constant fear of missing the trampoline on the landing.....

Sorry about the outfits, you caught me on a slobbier day :)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

because we haven't had a drawing in a while

nope, it's been mostly photos and outfits lately. shocking.
here are some drawings from egypt.... due to a shortage of scanners over there I was forced to do the whole picture-of-a-picture thing.... never all that flattering (especially with my little camera.)

*cough* still havent got any emails *cough cough* ;)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

All Hallow's eve

I went as a Fashion Victim.
Yep, that's a shoe sticking out of my, uh, brain.
(No teenagers were harmed in the making of this costume. Though I am sad to say that an innocent shoe was defaced. But all in the name of extravagance.)

Here are the details of the.... well, I guess it could be called a fascinator, if not some sort of headdress??

I tried taking some photos of the other details, but my camera wasn't in a great mood and they didn't focus. This is the best I got: the "bleeding chanel logo" ....a sort of play on the recent dripping Cs that seem to be popping up as of late.

And now I have two pieces of very exciting news to tack onto the end of my halloween post!

First of all, I have decided to create a bloggerish email address. I confess I spent ages trying to come up with something cute and unique but still memorable.
I ended up with which ticks none of the boxes but oh well.
We'll see how it goes :)

Second of all (this is much more exciting!) I just recieved the Beautiful Blogger Award from michelle of Glisters And Blisters :o My first award! :)

Here are "THE RULES."
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award. (check.)
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog. (check.)
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award. (check.)
4. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs i nominate.

Seven interesting things?? I don't think I'm all that interesting... so how about the seven randomest things I can think of?
1. I am currently going through a White Stripes/Liz Phair phase.
2. I am permanently going through a The Cure/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah phase.
3. My most recent purchase was two donuts at Camden Market.
4. I wish I had red hair.
5. I rarely leave the house without a pack of cherry drops and various sugar sachets in my bag.
6. My favourite movies are Howl's Moving Castle, Son Of Rambow, The Breakfast Club and Spirited away.
7. I'd quite like to watch School Of Comedy, cause it has the guy from Son of Rambow in it, but frankly, I just don't have the time.

And just when I thought I had gotten past the hard bit, I have to chose a mere seven bloggers to pass on the award to. To make it easier for myself, I am not going to tag "real life" friends because I get to show you guys the love all the time :)
1. Panda of Stud Muffin
2. Jessica of Fascination Drop
3. Andie of High Voltage
4. Dylana of Nana in Los Angeles
5. Olivia of Olivia's Pizzazz
6. Yiqin of Qin At The Disco
7. Claire of Faboo
These are people that have awesome blogs and have been really nice. I wasn't able to tag everyone I wanted to. Sorry bout that...
Have a nice-day-after-halloween :)