Thursday, 31 December 2009

Some Curious and Rather Fantastic Occurrences

dontcha just love curious and rather fantastic occurrences?
well I'm happy to say that I have FOUR to tell you about today :]

occurrence the first
(this was the look on my face when I got the invite... closesly followed by something that slightly resembles a :D face)

camilla of Rainbow Paving Stones (a very awesome girl with a very awesome blog, her lookbook is the shizz, too) has invited me. THANK YOU CAMILLA :]

I've just posted my first look, so, uuuh, hype it or whatever you do on lookbook? yes I know I have miles to go on the lingo :] I'll become a fan of you guys (well I'll attempt to... sorry :p I swear I'll have got the hang of it in like a week,) if you tell me who you are.

occurrence the second
a beautiful blog award from PANDA of StudMuffin :]
Panda has an awesomely fun style which is half tight fitting body-conishness and half industrial amazing-military-coat-which-I-would-shamelessly-steal-off-her-ishness. with a bit of scenester thrown in :]

occurence the third
A Haute Mess award from TEGAN of Tegan on Toast. Ain't I a lucky girl? (no, actually, I'm excruciatingly clumsy. I just have nice friends :] )
Tegan is amazingly witty and her 'blog about life' is adorable. Plus... she has a TOASTER in her ROOM. Honestly, add a laptop and an ipod and you'll never need to leave your room again :]
both awards require seven things, but this post is long enough already so I'll save them for a few days :]
occurence the fourth
45 followers! five more untill 50!
ohemgee. Shall I go on the "I love every last one of you" spiel? My fingers are quite tired so I shall pray for five more followers and then give the soppiest speech ever when I reach 50 (if I ever do, that is. You never know, 45 could be just as much tolerance as the blogger community will give me.)

Sunday, 27 December 2009

snow and stuff :]

As promised, here is the roundup of pictures from the holidays...

First... CHRISTMAS :D lots of cute cousins (I am the oldest in my generation, you see, so there are many kiddies running around and asking me for things at any family occasion. Not to mention *shudder* lots of Miley Cyrus music *shudder*)


1) ipod touch 32g :D This was the big cheese for me. I've been wanting one for ages.
2) A giraffe. Well, sort of. my grandpa adopted one at the zoo for me. what a surprise that was.
3) THE CURE GREATEST HITS in my stocking (yessss!) and the ministry if sound 'electronic 80s' compilation from Loopy.
4) two books called "You know you're a child of the 80s when..." from Phoebe (and yes I am aware that I'm not, technically, a child of the 80s...) and the sartorialist's book in my stocking :]
5) a vintage baseball jacket from bee. Well it wasn't actually a present. I just stuck it my suitcase and she didn't notice. hehehe :3

Out Of the Blue - Julian Casablancas (now that sounds really soppy and taylor-swift-y, mostly because his name is casablancas but it's actually pretty good.)
Letting Go - Team Waterpolo
Haven't we all made this face when opening something?? :p

my amazing handmade wrapping paper :o

GERMANY (wooooo)
a snowball in action. This is a favourite pic of mine :]

the little town of Heidelburg ...and bee :]

OHMYGAWD. Did anyone else watch the dr. who christmas special?? OMGOMGOMGOMG. The master is so fucking evillll (lol at the part where hes wearing a dress :3) and the time lords cant come back. NOO. Then the doctor wont be the only one!! And they looked a little leery. Not like the doctor at all.
wow. I'm such a nerd. no, seriously. :L
Me eating my favourite German word (hmhmhmh that sounded better in my head) a FRIKKADELLE :] and what a word it is!


if you have any more awesome German words (or any language for that matter) drop me a comment :]

1) Visited a store where everything is made of gummy bears (well, not everything, but there's a lot of shit made of gummy bears)
2) wore three pairs of socks at the same time o_o
3) Stole some cool posters off the street. Except when my friend told me I could be arrested. Then I stopped.

I think that may just have been a record-breaking amount of photos.
So I won't bore you with a huge chunk of text at the end.
happy holidays bloginos :]

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

four reasons why I haven't updated in ages...

1) I am a very bad blogger :[
2) I have been working on a story for my little cousin. I write her one every christmas and it tends to eat up a lot of my time.
3) I have been in GERMANY with bee for the last few days and, awesome as it was, I was sans internet.
4) Today I was seeing Where the Wild Things are, which I thought was absolutely stunning, I loved the imagination, the colour scheme, the soundtrack by Karen O and it featured possibly the coolest fort ever :]

So expect a little holiday round-up of photos, etc. in a couple of days.
and yes, I am aware of the utter boringness of this post.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Solange Azagury-Partridge

My mom was atually the first person to tell me about Solange, she has an eye for quirky jewellery. Every piece is just so clever and really inspirational... And she has a collection called 'random.' (Ah, randomness....) If you're like me and have had a stressful week which has been divided between homework and searching (in vain) for typewriter ink then it's probably about time to look at some interesting jewellery.

Anyways, I wanted to pick out my favourte piece.
narrowed it down to the top ten :]

the 'Real Fakes.' Reminiscent of my red diamond necklace, no? Perhaps it's the monarch if the real-fake diamond community :]

The 'Hearts of Gold.'


'Big Fringe' go on the website and see the fringe pieces moving :]

'Mirror Box'

'Union Jack.' This is a contender for absolute favourite. I'm a sucker for Union Jacks :)
'Mardi's animals' I love the bee :]

'Hotlips' These are some of her most famous and super gorgeous... I love all the different colours.


'Cherry Stones'
Not only this, but she might just have the most amazingly artsy website I have ever seen. There are loads of little animations and you can actually see the jewellery in motion, cause it is full of hinges and tassles and trapdoors and teeny marvellous detailish things! Have a look :]
And her catalogue is pretty cool too... it's a proper hard-back book!!! :o (I'm guessing I'm the only one who's mind is blown by that....)