Monday, 28 September 2009

We're geeks so it's ok to be geeky :)

I had a nice little treat the other day, bumping into Dot from Street Style London with a bunch of my friends. And even better, my camera decided it was in a good mood (I think it was a little star-struck actually) and allowed me one reasonable snapshot :) Of course the geek chic glasses had to come out for this photo. Best £8 I ever spent :)
Oh, and check out Nicky's poseyness and one Union Jack Doc Marten reflected in the window. I really do rock at choosing backdrops, eh?
I am very very jelous of her camera...and the fact that she doesn't look like a 14-year-old newb taking pictures with it on the street (yet can still pull off neon pink socks)
You can just tell the photocreeper to the right wants to be in our crew. There there, photocreeper dude, you shall find a crew of your own someday :) photo by Alice :]
cute as it is already, Nicky, I do enjoy editing your face :)

My two-year-old cousin Ava makes an adorable geek. Hmmmmm, does photographic obsessiveness run in the family? That little camera actually works, by the way :)

Oh, and thanks for all the nice comments on my last post :] And yeah, I know it's been about a week >_>

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Outfits and Lookbook and of course DUCKIE.

I went for a bit of a different look than usual. Cuter I suppose :p I decided to be a little original and put a petticoat under this stripey skirt which everyone fashionista-y seems to be wearing at the moment :) *cough* got it pre-release at the AA sample sale *cough cough*
Also I wanted to try out my kickass new cowboy boots :) guess how much? £2. That's what I'm talking about ;)
vest- J-crew; Woodland Creatures Cardigan- KLING (really really cool Eurobrand, check it out.); Skirt- American Apparel; Petticoat- Evening Dress Supply Store; Socks- Topshop, Boots- Portobello Market; Gun Necklace and Bow- Kings Road
OK, sooo I'm thinking of getting lookbook, I've been stalking it just a little and it seems like a pretty cool place :) but I don't quite get the whole inviting thing. So, someone has to invite me..? how? :/


(from pretty in pink, for those poor souls who do not yet know ;])

my utter fashion idol :) imma try and encorparate him into my layout somehow :)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Losers get More out of Life than Pretty People

London Eye

animal heads....look how it sits on the hand in that incredibly canine way :)

Wow, those wings....

'bird bones.'
these are inspired by New York skylines~

one of my favourite titles :p like?
Anyway, the pictures are from Jessica McCormack, one of my favourite jewellery designers. (I admit I have a slight obsession with edgy and overpriced jewellery!) All of the pieces seem to be stories or characters, true works of art :)
But I'm not in a particularly wordy mood today, which is why I cushioned it with all the pictures :p believe me, they look a lot better on the website.
She even has a blog (:D) of her inspirations. Fascinating! This is one of my favourite pictures:

And she does some amazing sketches and watercolours.
find them in her blog.
all of the pictures belong to Jessica McCormack. (though I wish they were mine!) source:

Saturday, 12 September 2009

go shawty, it was my birthday

Yep, September 10th was my birthday. I am now fourteen! (ok, maybe the header was a dead giveaway on that XD)

As some of you may know, (the more awesome among you ;p) it also happened to be Vogue's Fashion's Night Out :D I managed to trawl most of Oxford Street with Bee and Loopy. And got the TShirt. oh yesh. :D sadly that I didn't get to do New Bond Street... apparently KARL LAGERFELD was in, plus some pretty damn amazing Vivienne Westwood shoe displays :[ it had to be a school night, eh?

I did see some great stuff in oxford street, however :D Selfridges had some cool events... there was a photobooth on the ground floor run by , which I have just checked out and it rocks :p The people there were actually really sweet and let us go in three times *cough cough*

Oh, and, I finally got my creepers!!! Aren't they cute?

aahahhahahaha, no need to flatter me, they're kinda ugly :p but, like, in the cutest possible way, right?? ..........oh well, I like them XD

Ok, now get ready for a shitload of pictures from the day. Some are taken at school, one or two at FNO and a couple at my house afterwards. I know theyre kinda crap, still havent found my way around the DSLR.

Featuring: (in order) loopy, me, alice, nicky, lulu, and abbie :]

(MJ tribute!)
(oh. yish.)

(nicky stole my jacket :p)
(I love how you can see Abbie's earring.)

I'm wearing: Beatles Tee- DIY, Levi 501 Shorts-vintage via rokit, tights- eh, Creepers- TUK, Jacket- Thrifted (sorry for the repeat there.. I've kinda been living in it XD)
Oh, and let me just thank you guys for the sweet comments about my homemade shorts :] I'm getting ideas put into my head!! I *might*post some more homemade stuff when I can be bothered :]

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hey, Teacher, leave my shorts alone!

Yes, I did get a scolding at school today for wearing too-short-shorts. I feel I give a new meaning to the phrase "suffering for fashion" :p
speaking of school, (which started last thursday, by the way,) I've seen a lot of first-day-of-school posts and wanted to do one. I snapped this slightly crappy picture before I walked out the door :] Vivienne Westwood-ish, no?

Jacket- thrifted, TShirt- Little Boots gig :D, shorts- homemade, tights- who cares, boots- garage sale, necklaces- primark/King's road, bow- King's road

It is also an exciting time for me, as Jonah has allowed me sub-ownership of his semi-proffessional camera :D this was taken with it, but it is not done much justice because..

1) I have a ridiculously early wakeup time and the sun was not even out at this point/I was extremely tired...

2) I have no idea how to work it (he didn't think to give me the manual :p)

3) We have just had this wallpaper put in and I doubt I can stand in front of it for too long without passing out/going silly from the fumes :]

and I now have a few "separate notes" which may be somewhat interesting...

Some of you may know my incredibly fluffy dog, Cosmo....

(with Abbs)

legend :D

Anyway, in exchange for my picture of her (thanks for all the lovely comments on it :D) abbie gave me this rendition:

Thanks, love :]

and, last but not least, Alice, my incredibly chic friend, has created Little Miss London 09 , she's done a few great posts already so please check it out :]

cheerio for now :D