Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Hello my homies :]
I just got back from the inspirational and sweltering land of Egypt. I admit, I took over 600 photos but I've tried to narrow it down to just nine.
Obviously, most of the photos I took were pretty touristy and didn't have a great deal of artistic merit...and I was using my slightly aged digital camera.... these are the ones that ashame me least!
And how about a lovely little commentary accompanying each one?

Ok, here we have, um... my leg :) I loved the perspective that these pillars created, so I stuck the leg in there to break it up a bit.

These are som fishermen on the nile. Oh how picturesque.

These are ancient egyptian perfume recipies in a temple. There was an entire room covered floor-to-ceiling with these carvings. Jo Malone meets the Shining in Pharonic times??? :o

This is a cow, if you haven't already guessed :p it was grazing on one of those random paches of grass that sits on the nile, kinda like a skin sits on soup.

This is an obelisk which I think was built by queen Hetshepsut, probably the most kickass pharoh ever.

Egyptian perfume bottles (I doubt they were made from the earlier recipies if that's what you're thinking :])

Not only is this a fucking awesome and photogenic camel, it's called mickey :o

The Great Pyramid af Giza which I hiked up inside depite a lack of stairs and air conditioning. It was pretty breathtaking and spooky, though :)

and here is possibly my favourite picture from the entire trip....

more postys soon :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Right, I'm off to see Sphinxes and stuff.

Well, you may have taken from the title that I'm jetting off to Egypt in a few hours :)
I will be gone for nine days so I won't be able to get back to any comments untill then. I'll try my best to answer them all when I get back :) (at least I think so....who knows, there could be a really cool internet cafe just left of The Great Pyramid of Giza...)
I'm not taking Josephi- ummmm, my big camera. I am taking the little digital one, though so there may or may not be some pictures when I get back :)

Anyway, how bouts I leave you with a nice DIY?
It's a smiley face tee shirt!!!!

and here's how I wear it:

jeans: cheap monday, shoes: Doc Martens, under-vest: Gap

you're never fully dressed without a smile :] (yeah, I did Annie in year six. I was the laundry man... Word.)

speak in nine days :)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hey thar doll face :)

I finally have something to blog about :) haven't been doing anything creative lately. Sorry bout that.
All of Abbie's photos seem seriously huggable. I ENVY HER FACE :]

Here's my little dolly makeup type of thing that I've been wanting to for a while... but I was worried it would look a bit slightly-pretentious-hooker-who-had-a-splurge-at-MAC-and-then-got-caught-in-a-bow-thunderstorm-and-needs-to-comfort-herself-with-a-very-out-of-proportion-and-cliched-piece-of-candy. I was right. Especially about the pretentious bit ;)

this could explain the randomness. Yeah, a whole pack of sour cherries....and a shitload more actually :3

abbie had some too :p