Sunday, 28 February 2010

Taggy McTaggerson

So, whilst I was away, Kiki tagged me for Cassie's Therapy Video which is an extremely interesting blog tag hosted by Erimentha of The Little Blog of Happiness.

The annoying thing is, I couldn't access the video... (Here is the link that I was given, apparently it has been 'blocked in my country' for some reason or another) so I kinda just had to guess what it was about :)

From What I understand, you have to fill in 12 likes, one love and 8 hates, link back to Erimentha and pass it on to three other people. Oh and you must include the bolded things :)

Also, I thought I'd make mine a little more interesting by infusing it with some amazing artwork by Mark Ryden (more about that later :p )

Abracadabra, Wow!
I like boys with winklepickers and girls with winklepickers.

I like food.

I like busy weekends.

I like watching loads of movies back to back.

I like contradicting myself.

I like discovering an amazing cultish band and feeling really clever.
I like having a dorky English accent
because I like being able to say, 'cheers,' 'ta,' 'cripes,' 'top of the morning' and 'cheerio,' without sounding like a COMPLETE freak.

I like llamas.

I like thrifting.

I like your face.

I like most things, really.


Today I am going to charge my ipod. I must not. Forget. To charge. My ipod.

In some ways, I love everything.
Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular.
I like things that I like but I love everything.
There’s more choice in like cos even the worst things have things you love in them.
I don’t know what you mean about things I hate.

I hate when the bottom of your foot is itchy (grr.)

I hate having my photo taken (hah, how hypocritical does that sound! I don't mind seeing photos turn out good, but I hate the process of taking them. It's kinda awkward and false...)

I hate taking my own photos, because I feel vain and scene.

I hate clothes decorated with shitloads of hearts.

I hate broccoli.

I hate fighting. *halo appears*

I hate myspace.

I hate ....honestly I can't think of anything else. I didn't sleep enough last night.

I hate this, wow...


I. Heart. Cassie.

Sorry if my life is incredibly boring. Now I just have to pass it on to...

Fashion Narcotics because it is a new blog and deserves some recognition :)

Tegan on Toast because it seems like the kinda thing she would be good at

High Voltage because it's an awesome blog and hasn't gotten any awards in too long :)

The paintings are by Mark Ryden, an amazing artist who I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. If you liked them, check out his website. There's tons more fantastic stuff in there which would have made this post way too long :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

finally, pictures from miami

Camilla beat me to putting up Miami pictures D:
My aunt and my mum (not to mention me) are both quite photoish so there were quite a lot of options :)
That's 'WONDERLAND' on my face :)

I didn't get a particularly good picture but, ohmygaawd, this puppy was so cute :)

This is some awesome miami street style. She asked me if I wanted to work for american apparel in Miami (oh what a wonderful place, I am actually wanted) and we eventually got into a long conversation about photography, art college, etc.
Still, I tackled my fear of asking people for their photos :)

zoo. There are not wild flamingos roaming the streets of south beach.

I'm not sure why I put this in. It's me and my brother having a breath holding competition (hahahah he would not like to know this is on brother is WAY popular.)
I won by the way. I have weird breath-holding powers :)
all taken by either me, my mum or my aunt

Also, I am aware that Kiki and her kaleidoscope have tagged me but this post is long enough already so expect the details of that soon :)

I desperately need some menwear dress shoes (Topman starts at size 6 and I am a 5. grrr) so if you see any nice ones then let me know :)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

"I'm the Pink Sheep of the Family"

^ -Alexander McQueen. You were a great man and a true inspiration. Although you are gone, you continue to inspire so many people that your work shall remain immortal. RIP. still hasn't quite sunk in yet that my second favourite designer is gone, which means this post might be a little bit sombre even though I do have two things to tell you about.

As I mentioned before, I recieved a very intriguing email inviting me to take part in's 'Bargainista Challenge.' The winner, along with a friend, get to attend London Fashion Weekend and the second prize is some pretty generous Topshop Vouchers.
The aim of the competition is to put together your best bargain finds then put a picture on your blog along with bargain-y tips.
My tip is to conventionally raid other people's closets! Grandmas work especially well... also, you never know what you could find at a boot sale! (that's a swap meet for you americans.)
Scarf, Hermes - (Grandma) £0 (told you, grandmas are great!), undery-vest - Primark £1, On topy-vest, J Crew (Mum) £0, Shorts, rokit £10, Jacket - Givenchy (Boot Sale) £1, Leopard coat, Vintage (Grandma) £0, Tights - Primark £1
Total Cost £13! yeah.
I'm going to visit my family in Miami for about a week, so I doubt I'll be able to make any posts :( However, I may have internet at the hotel so there could be time for a little blogwalking/comment returning :)

Monday, 8 February 2010


I started taking photos for the Winter Blues competion on Lookbook in front of my new wall.... I raided my Dad's record collection whilst he was at the Superbowl. ehhhhehehheheh :)
Speaking of which, here is the contest entry so it would be nice if you could "hype" it woo :D

oh and I found my old etch-a-sketch (omg! Remember those?) and decided on some retro photos :)

New glasses! I had been scouring vintage shops for ages looking for some of these and was surprised to find them in Topshop...of all places...

Like how I put Cat Stevens next to Led Zeppelin. Ironyy :D might change LZ to Sex Pistols for mega irony :)
Oh and I know that it's way late, but I got a reward from C. at Owl Wings :)
Thanks so much... OK I now owe you seven things that I like to do...

1 Stick shit to my bedroom wall/enrage my mother.
2 Crosswords
3 Watch Movies. I am a filmbuff.
4 Ice-Skating (yeh, I need to do something non-lazy otherwise I'd be obese...)
5 Ukulele-ing
6 Watch Glee, as I am doing now (the I'm Walking on Sunshine/Halo hybrid! yeah.)
7 Make/eat cake :)
oh and I have just been notified about a very cool little competition, so expect a post on that soon :)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

so my hair is pink...

Well, it's pink-ish. In the underlayer bits. But that's not the only thing I have to tell you... it just seemed like an attention-grabbing header :)

see? Pink-ish...

If you're wondering about the KISS-esque makeup, me and Abbie are creating the coolest piss-take band ever... APPLE. (In other words we are doing web design in IT and we needed a subject. Oh and we couldn't find a name so we mooched off Steve Jobs :D )

Oh and we're heavy-metal. on the ukulele :o

she's on vocals and guitar and I'm on the uke :) friend said that this picture made her a bit scared. heheh.

lol at the contrasts in our expressions :p

OK, so enough of those. Now it's time for a drawing!
Jessica from Polised Sense of Style asked me to draw a header-type thingie. tadaah :)

remember, if you want a drawing, email me :)

and omg! Over 60 followers! cheers to all yew guise... let's try for 70? :o