Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hey, Teacher, leave my shorts alone!

Yes, I did get a scolding at school today for wearing too-short-shorts. I feel I give a new meaning to the phrase "suffering for fashion" :p
speaking of school, (which started last thursday, by the way,) I've seen a lot of first-day-of-school posts and wanted to do one. I snapped this slightly crappy picture before I walked out the door :] Vivienne Westwood-ish, no?

Jacket- thrifted, TShirt- Little Boots gig :D, shorts- homemade, tights- who cares, boots- garage sale, necklaces- primark/King's road, bow- King's road

It is also an exciting time for me, as Jonah has allowed me sub-ownership of his semi-proffessional camera :D this was taken with it, but it is not done much justice because..

1) I have a ridiculously early wakeup time and the sun was not even out at this point/I was extremely tired...

2) I have no idea how to work it (he didn't think to give me the manual :p)

3) We have just had this wallpaper put in and I doubt I can stand in front of it for too long without passing out/going silly from the fumes :]

and I now have a few "separate notes" which may be somewhat interesting...

Some of you may know my incredibly fluffy dog, Cosmo....

(with Abbs)

legend :D

Anyway, in exchange for my picture of her (thanks for all the lovely comments on it :D) abbie gave me this rendition:

Thanks, love :]

and, last but not least, Alice, my incredibly chic friend, has created Little Miss London 09 , she's done a few great posts already so please check it out :]

cheerio for now :D


S. said...

love, love, love those shorts! they're a nice colour as well :)

cute blog!


Panda said...

WHY ARE TEACHERS SO IRRITATING? Cute shorts btws, and your dog is the cutestest thing EVER. yup. EVER!


Emilie Katogo said...

You look amazing,
Teachers these days ¬,¬'
They know nothing xD
iLOVEEE your shorts <3
Uber chic.

Anonymous said...

Them shorts? Cute! Whole outfit actually :)

ally m. said...

love the outfit! :)