Saturday, 12 September 2009

go shawty, it was my birthday

Yep, September 10th was my birthday. I am now fourteen! (ok, maybe the header was a dead giveaway on that XD)

As some of you may know, (the more awesome among you ;p) it also happened to be Vogue's Fashion's Night Out :D I managed to trawl most of Oxford Street with Bee and Loopy. And got the TShirt. oh yesh. :D sadly that I didn't get to do New Bond Street... apparently KARL LAGERFELD was in, plus some pretty damn amazing Vivienne Westwood shoe displays :[ it had to be a school night, eh?

I did see some great stuff in oxford street, however :D Selfridges had some cool events... there was a photobooth on the ground floor run by , which I have just checked out and it rocks :p The people there were actually really sweet and let us go in three times *cough cough*

Oh, and, I finally got my creepers!!! Aren't they cute?

aahahhahahaha, no need to flatter me, they're kinda ugly :p but, like, in the cutest possible way, right?? ..........oh well, I like them XD

Ok, now get ready for a shitload of pictures from the day. Some are taken at school, one or two at FNO and a couple at my house afterwards. I know theyre kinda crap, still havent found my way around the DSLR.

Featuring: (in order) loopy, me, alice, nicky, lulu, and abbie :]

(MJ tribute!)
(oh. yish.)

(nicky stole my jacket :p)
(I love how you can see Abbie's earring.)

I'm wearing: Beatles Tee- DIY, Levi 501 Shorts-vintage via rokit, tights- eh, Creepers- TUK, Jacket- Thrifted (sorry for the repeat there.. I've kinda been living in it XD)
Oh, and let me just thank you guys for the sweet comments about my homemade shorts :] I'm getting ideas put into my head!! I *might*post some more homemade stuff when I can be bothered :]


Brittany Leigh-Ann Baker said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! <33 :)

jessica wu said...

happy birthday and GREAT OUTIFT. the blazer is perfection and so are the shoes!


Panda said...

OHMYGAWD! You got creepers!!! I Love Creepers like fuck. aw, lucky girl! Looks like fun - HAPPPPYYY BIRTTHHDDAAYY!

Panda xxxxx

Santenne Katogo said...

Your Older Than Me !
Happy Birthdayy

Anonymous said...

Oh, Happy Birthday!!
Looks like you had a really fun night. I haven't been to London for so long!

Tallulah said...

wooo happy birthday :))) i love the one where your like lying across the chair with your feet up :) xxxx

Eri said...

Hi, looks lie it was an amazing day + b day celebration! FAB.

I love the way you teamed you creepers with a cool blazer. Lokks great.

See you soon.

Anonymous said...


yiqin; said...

Nice striped blazerrr :D

Taylor Sterling said...

cute jacket!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

The shoes are awesome. And happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you. :)

Frank&Rémy said...

U look so cute :) love the outfit, and those shoes are dope!

Kelly & Tracy said...

great shoes, very cute. love the outfit!

Dylana said...

Just came across your blog! I freaking love your blazer! It is amazing and so rock and roll!

Jessica said...

Happy Belated, darl!!!
gosh those shoes :)
they're not ugly i think. UNIQUE :))

olivias-pizzaz said...

Omg I want your shoes they are amzing! cute outfit!

C said...

loving the striped blazer,sooo cool.and the shoes!

michelle_ said...

haha. love ur MJ Tribute pictures !
the striped blazer is uber cool (no wonder ur friend borrowed it )