Saturday, 17 October 2009

Right, I'm off to see Sphinxes and stuff.

Well, you may have taken from the title that I'm jetting off to Egypt in a few hours :)
I will be gone for nine days so I won't be able to get back to any comments untill then. I'll try my best to answer them all when I get back :) (at least I think so....who knows, there could be a really cool internet cafe just left of The Great Pyramid of Giza...)
I'm not taking Josephi- ummmm, my big camera. I am taking the little digital one, though so there may or may not be some pictures when I get back :)

Anyway, how bouts I leave you with a nice DIY?
It's a smiley face tee shirt!!!!

and here's how I wear it:

jeans: cheap monday, shoes: Doc Martens, under-vest: Gap

you're never fully dressed without a smile :] (yeah, I did Annie in year six. I was the laundry man... Word.)

speak in nine days :)


michelle said...

(s'okay, i was one of the poppies in wizard of oz in kindergarten :D)
and i LOVE the way you wore this. xx

Anonymous said...


michelle_ said...

enjoy your trip !
loving that cartoon shirt with the doc marts .
hope the pharoahs n mummies wont haunt your dream . XD

Velo said...

i love this cute tee... =)
really love it. simple but cute.

fayeee said...

aha "Wordddddd"
have fun in Egypt my love, im so jealous! I want to see all the history there 8-| it seems all so interesting.
Try and attempt to see Tutukahmun ;) or however you spell it.


Emilie.Katogo said...

Cute top =)
I played Mary Poppins in Yr 6 xD


Anonymous said...

such a cool shirt. i like the pic at the waderobe. really cool header

beckyxoxo said...

it must be so fun you're going to egypt ! :D oh btw i love this outfit so much . love how you wear the tee . cool ! have a nice trip ! :)

Panda said...


I love this top. It is the essence of cool :) Have not talked to you for an age. All i have to entertain myself in the country is my sister dragging herself across the floor to entertain herself. Joy.

Panda xxx

Yuka said...

aww what a cute diy! and the shoes are awesome!

just bella said...

ohmylord. you look so cool.
i love the tee and your hair is amazee.
plus we share the same name, and age.

Andie said...

OHMYGOSH! EGYPT?that sounds so cool! i wanna go there! hope youll have a blast! and i love your DIY! too cute! i want to make one!
woahhh you were the laundryman! off the hizzang!!

Malu said...

I love your style!
You have a great blog :D


Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!

maverickandlove said...

omg have a great time in egypt, wish i could go somewhere so inspirational! love your outfit, and especially those shoes!! xx

michellehendra said...

perfect :)


clairegrenade said...

those docs are SOOO COOL!!!

& i love your design!! it's totally adorable

in response to the ribcage attempt, I know how it feels, it takes a few tries to get it perfect, my first one was a total FAIL

jessica wu said...



michelle_ said...

RE: thanks for ur sweet comment.
hope u're having a great time in the sand domes .hehehe..
and yes i've seen those large fairy bags. they're awesome . prada makes print look luxe not cheap :D

Lia said...

love your shoes, cute t, i like how you wear it

Anonymous said...

Them Jeans Are Hot!!!!

beckyxoxo said...

no problem dear ! btw i've linked your blog :D

TheBeautyFile said...

so fab!

Aileen. said...

The docs are.. perfect !