Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hey thar doll face :)

I finally have something to blog about :) haven't been doing anything creative lately. Sorry bout that.
All of Abbie's photos seem seriously huggable. I ENVY HER FACE :]

Here's my little dolly makeup type of thing that I've been wanting to for a while... but I was worried it would look a bit slightly-pretentious-hooker-who-had-a-splurge-at-MAC-and-then-got-caught-in-a-bow-thunderstorm-and-needs-to-comfort-herself-with-a-very-out-of-proportion-and-cliched-piece-of-candy. I was right. Especially about the pretentious bit ;)

this could explain the randomness. Yeah, a whole pack of sour cherries....and a shitload more actually :3

abbie had some too :p


Anonymous said...

is this in the country? or a special redecorated room? loving your lollipop pictures... that sounds wierd :)

Dylana said...

All such cute pics!

olivias-pizzaz said...

I love the photos!!

Panda said...

Hahahahahhah :) awesome, dude. I LOVE her necklace too. very scene queen.
Panda xxx

fayeee said...

THe lolly looks yummmy and i especially adore the first photo with the pretty flowers!
ahhh, i do like your blogss :)


jessica said...

ah not pretentious !
very cute actually :]
hahha i love this :]

Kiki said...

Just stumbled across your blog and am in loveeee with your posting style. Now following!

Very cute pictures! They don't come off as pretentious at all. The shirt in the second to last pic is amazing too.

x Kiki

michelle_ said...

really love the second photo much !
it's very agyness deyn :)

ps. that would make a good halloween costume :)

michelle said...

second photo = epic

Megan said...

Love the pics. All so cute and colourful :)

zoe. xox said...

Cutee pictures. hahaa, i love the lolly ones!

Keith said...

Great photos. Very cool. Cheers!

Lauren said...

just stumbled upon your blog & i have to say i'm in love. the makeup you have going on above here is fantastic!

"Bohemian Bisoux"

June Paski said...

I want candy >.<
great photos love


michellehendra said...

great photos.. fun and entertaining :)


yiqin; said...

Ah I want th lollipop <3

gd said...

Gee, these photos is a TOTAL AWESOMENESS!! i gotta follow you, it'd be great if you visit and follow my blog too. XOs

Vicki said...

Love the dolly pics!! they are so cool!! great blog!! :)
ps love the necklace that looks like a red diamond? xx

Style Bird said...

Love the pics and the lolli!

michelle_ said...

thanks for the comment & input :)
post some of ur wacky-cool outfits up again !
i've been waiting for one .

FrouFrouu said...

Ha, such playful, colourful photos. The sixth is perfection.

Lola vee said...

Your pictures are amazing!
Awesome blog!
I will be stalking in the future.. ♥ love your style!

CHARLIE said...

so cute some great ideas here. xxx

ms.Gee said...

your photo with lollypop is awesome :)

<3 frm

Tallulah said...

omg that picture of you with the lollipop where is just the bottom half of you face is AMAZING.