Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fail Nails (and other tales)

The Fail Nails

OMFG I PAINTED UNION JACKS ON MY NAILS! Nothing says patriotism like wearing one's flag on one's manicure. It was a bit of a fail...and you're not seeing the other hand (it turned into modern art.)

The Other Tales
An outfit I wore ages ago that was decidedly blog-worthy.
Batman top (you now have the batman theme tune stuck in your head.) - Portobello/DIY, Velvet shorts - vintage, tights - topshop, cardi - uummmm new look?, geek glasses - boutique-ish place full of art students

Not only is there a rosette in my hair, but it's a FIRST PLACE rosette which was actually won by my dog... (my mom/dad/brother got bored of me raiding their wardrobes.... but the dog can't speak english so....)

it looks a little better bigger

and lastly, my friend Autumn asked my to draw her. If you want to be drawn, drop me an email. I'm pretty lazy about drawing and will never do it if people don't ask me.

sorry this was so overdue, agghhhhh, I'm behind on my blogging and commenting! (speaking of which, 37 comments on my boingy photos :D)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Your drawing is incredible! You are VERY talented. Love it!



Eva Silviana said...

wow i want that white wayfarer! Btw, i've linked you know hehe

Panda said...

HEY HEY BELLA :) How are you?? I Love the nails btw, whenever i try and pattern my nails they come out in huge sploges...

Panda xx

fhen said...

batman top is so cute!
union jack is a fabulousity factor! i want too :D

Megan said...

Love your outfit and the union jack nails are so cute, I'm feeling pretty patriotic atm too! Oh and speaking of Union Jacks, you asked me where I got that knitted jumper/dress from, it's from the kids section in new look ;)
I was so shocked to find such an awesome item of clothing there, it cost me £18 too if you're interested. And I must add, you are an amazing artist! That drawing is so good, and if you can draw like that now, think about how well you'll be able to draw in 5 years, scary thinking about it :)

Andie said...

YEAH ROCK THEM UNION JACK NAILS! so awesome i swear! and i love your outfit,HOLY FASHION BLOGGER BATMAN! ITS YOUR SHIRT! ooo velvet shorts, how do those feel?
and that drawing is too cute! it. has. a. RAINBOW.

Anonymous said...




Camilla said...

Oh my, you are AMAZING at drawing- I love manga too!! xx ADORE that outfit- I need it all! xxx

Thanks for the comment, definitely is a very challenging word indeed lol xxx Camilla


tegan said...

autumn - what an amazing name!!
and awesome drawing by the way - aww man, i want union jack nails! woots for the UK! x

olivias-pizzaz said...

great outfit! and omg u are so good at drawing!

Mila said...

love those purple tights!

jessica wu said...

gahhh i realized i haven't commented on your blog in a long time!
you look uber cute in the white glasses :D they really bring out your personality.. not like the bland black ones that everyone has (haha including me whoops). very playful look


yiqin; said...

The glasses look fab :)

michelle_ said...

good idea with the dog ribbon thing .
the other i was actually also thinking of wearing my dog's suede 'special occasion' collar . now i have a friend who wears dog stuff too ! hahaha..

great illustration !
oh my . i thought that was taken from like deviant-art or something !

and nice white frames too :D

Kiki said...

Haha Bella those nails are awesome! Way better than I could EVER do, for sure. And the batman outfit is pretty epic too.

I've tagged you for an award on my bloggity blog dear. x

FabBlab said...

I love your purple tights!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I love the prize ribbon in your hair--fantastic touch!

Annie said...

I am in love with your velvet shorts.

The Pocket Stylist said...

Love the tights they are so great. Do you want to exchange links?

Melissa said...

woweeee! youre really good at drawing! Love love love the shorts :)


Yuka said...

very cute nails!

Miss Woody said...

i love your lipstick !

javieth said...

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