Tuesday, 3 November 2009

because we haven't had a drawing in a while

nope, it's been mostly photos and outfits lately. shocking.
here are some drawings from egypt.... due to a shortage of scanners over there I was forced to do the whole picture-of-a-picture thing.... never all that flattering (especially with my little camera.)

*cough* still havent got any emails *cough cough* ;)


Lia said...

love the eye
:) x

B a la Moda said...

Great drawings! Cute!
B* a la Moda

JINX said...

love yous style and really enjoy what you bring to fashion blogging...


michelle_ said...

i've got the new 'remixes' of the scarf up already . keep visiting for more . ;D

hope you're enjoying ur week !

fayeee said...

I like how the first one is kind of anime, but you've made it your own!

Anonymous said...

so great. i like your arty side.

hahahype said...

i think we do go to similiar schools! haha, i've never actually been to an abercrombie and fitch because we don't have it here, but yeah, i know what you mean. it's not SO bad here (well i've already left for college, so i'm no longer in high school), but some people are so brand-concious it drives me crazy.

and these drawings are so adorable :D wish i could draw. it'd make everything so much easier.

erica said...

love those doodles, i really wish i could draw. x

Panda said...

ITS NOT FAIR!! i wish i could draw!! DAYM! hahahah
Such a gorgeous picture, and i love your outfit below, its hilarious. Love the shoe-in-your-head-hair-thingamagig. I want one :D

Panda xx

Penny Lane said...

you're quite good =)
love the last one

PL ♥

michelle_ said...

RE: thanks for your nice comments !!
when you gonna update again ? cant wait to see another crazy photo from you!

tegan said...

well hey. i don't know you but..
- i am english
- i am fourteen
- and i HAVE red hair (as i noticed you wish for)

wow. i am totally following your blog now :)

Anonymous said...

Really Really Good
You're Better Than Me

Bianca said...

Lovely drawings!