Wednesday, 30 June 2010

You Have Been so Inclined

This drawing is for Olivia of naturegraffiti. Her blog is fantastic and she went to Coachella, of which I am deeply jealous.

It has actually been hot in London recently....



Sofie said...

Wow your art is amazing!
What programs/techniques do you use?
i also really love your header and little illustrations in the sidebar, so cute.

awesome blog, now following~

jessica wu said...

loovinnn the picture :) excited for mine lol

sucks with the hot weather.. in california the weather is basically reversed. yesterday night was like a winter night!!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

What great pictures, your a brilliant artist! Love them. If you ever fancy doing one of me I would be very happy!

Daisy Dayz Home

Barb said...

nice pics!
i miss winter already, its too hot here!!

Claire said...

dude, all of these are frickin brilliant. keep it up.


Hollie'Rose said...

wanted to ask how you got ' 5 Blabs' Cuz mine only sez Comments.

And yes Summer is here ;D

& Also i have made a new blog if you want to check it out? xx

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olivias-pizzaz said...

love it!!! you are sooo talented!!

Hollie'Rose said...

Just to let you know i have left you an award on my blog! x


Panda said...

I WOULD LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much Bella. :)
Why haven't u used it though? Parents?
Panda x

Gayle said...

Well I wish I lived somewhere where it isnt Summer all year long! Im burning here in the Philippines! Ok well technically its the rainy season right now, but really! Its still too hot to stay under the sun for 5minutes. I stay indoors as much as I could, honestly. The heat hurts ;(
Anyhow, I love your illustrations. :) You're so artistic!

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