Friday, 7 August 2009

Most Recent :)

Well, the site is pretty much set up and I've sorted it out so it looks ((hopefully)) like I've put some work into it. anyhoo, here are my most recent drawings, designs and photos....


I'm taking a risk putting these up, cause i have no idea if blogger will do them any justice. Hopefully the picture quality wont emphasize those little flaws that keep me up at night!! (joking!! :p *nervous laugh*)

Here is my Lady GaGa, which i spent two weeks on despite not actually liking her music all that much and feeling ever-so-slightly suicidal by the end.... the lyrics on her arm are from 'Paparrazi'
and here is Anon, (credit to Abbie for the name n_n) she's my cool little angel-turned-Devil. Cliched?? noooooo ;)


Last week I went on a sewing course and made a ton of crap, but I think I'll make a new post for that. For now I'll just show my sharpie-fied wayfarers....


The last photo-taking oppurtunity I had was at Latitude Music Festival. I had semi-blue hair (hahah) and was with Loopy :)

tomorrow Isa and Violet, my photographic muses, (eheheh) are coming over for a few days so expect mucho photos soon :)

yayyyy!!! i just made my first post!!!


Alice said...

IZZY! you genius girl - loving the lady gaga. glad to see loopy and i inspired you to enjoy this... if we even did!
xxx ly xxx
keep it up :-)

Tallulah said...

ha ha you know i love that lady gaga pic!
how amaze would a drawing of the breakfast club be? a whole post on it :))