Tuesday, 25 August 2009

vintage patterns galore! :D

My mom found some adorable 1960s patterns at a boot sale and I decided to have a go at making a top... Im guessing people were smaller in those days, but oh well :]

the illustrations on the patterns... how cute??? :D

In progress:

The finished top :]

I borrowed mom's camera....

sorry about the false eyelashes stuck on the mirror ;]

a little small, but not all that bad n_n


Megan said...

Very cute top (:

Panda said...

aw, thats so cool :) Well done! xxx

heatheretteshazeinsa said...

AWW SUPER CUTE TOP!! Great pattern! Looks gorgeous on you!! www.heatheretteshazeinsa.blogspot.com

yiqin; said...

The patterns are so rad! Are we using the same camera? I am using the 400d/xti!

jessica wu said...

very cute print.. :D

you're good at sewing!
the pattern is great

haha love the eyelashes and the camera. what model is it?

can i link you ?

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

The blouse is cute; but your hair is gorgeous!

Gem said...

That top is gorgeous, well done on making it!! Hahaha eyelashes stuck on the mirror :)

little me. said...

cute print.
your end product turned out exceptionally well!

lovely blog.

emily said...

great job! i think it looks great. :)

Brittany Leigh-Ann Baker said...

Cute top ! <333 and thanks for the comment :) <333