Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Typewriters and Tambojukeleles

Back in the day before blogger and facebook and Windows Vista, people used to write using things called typewriters, which you'd have to go to woolworths (back in the day...) and buy ink for, and a piece of carbon paper if you wanted to make a copy.....

Not that I'd know anything about it, considering I wasn't actually alive at the time. However I did find a typewriter for £2 at a boot sale :D I've secretly always wanted one, and have been stuck in Suffolk all summer. The romanticist that I am, have been nosing around boot sales with a five pound note trying to find some chic bargain. I think that my parents may have gotten a shock when I came home with something other than the usual haul of vintage posters (My favourite being a Guiness one from somewhere between the 1950s-90s, reading"Guiness Is Good For You - Makes You Strong!")

Instead I brought home my £2 typewriter, and a £3 tambojukelele (a ukelele with a tambourine body....oh whatever imma post pics in a sec :p) both of which are in working order. The person who sold me the tambojukelele was pretty awesome...she was wearing a red polka-dot mickey mouse dress, bloomers, and a real flower in her hair. I got the feeling that she wore that kinda thing every day :]

Anyway, as soon as I got it all home, I had to have a photo shoot. Violet tolerated being my model despite the brightness of the dreaded British sun....

....taking the piss out of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers just a little ;)

There are a bunch of other amazing photos of Isa and Violet, which I will post once I edit them and put them on facebook :)

Oh, and I might as well say, I really need to change my's currently a super old photo. I was playing around on photoshop this morning and came up with this:

(It incorporates the typewriter...super-relevant I'm sure youll agree ;] )

Oh, and, ONE MORE thing :] I am beaming with excitement, because I have helped Isa to create her very own blog, Look Inside For Details: ...... Which is extremely awezum so I thought I should mention it :]


Panda said...

OH MY GOD! you have a typewriter!!! I've always wanted one of those. Lucky thing.....

Panda xx

olivias-pizzaz said...

Amazing photographs!