Wednesday, 23 December 2009

four reasons why I haven't updated in ages...

1) I am a very bad blogger :[
2) I have been working on a story for my little cousin. I write her one every christmas and it tends to eat up a lot of my time.
3) I have been in GERMANY with bee for the last few days and, awesome as it was, I was sans internet.
4) Today I was seeing Where the Wild Things are, which I thought was absolutely stunning, I loved the imagination, the colour scheme, the soundtrack by Karen O and it featured possibly the coolest fort ever :]

So expect a little holiday round-up of photos, etc. in a couple of days.
and yes, I am aware of the utter boringness of this post.


fayeee said...

i was actually wondering like 10 minutes ago "where the hell has englisheccentric gone!?!"
and then a post appeared, just magic ;)
I still neeeed to see where the wild things are, looks so adorable

Kiki said...

I, too, was wondering where you'd disappeared to! But now you're back so I can start imagining how awesome your next post will be (you must include pictures of Germany!) :]

Merry merry merry Christmas dear x

michelle_ said...

wooo finally a post from you darling !

Dylana said...

Hope you enjoyed your time in germany and have a wonderful holidays!

Melissa said...

im seeing where the wild things are next week, cant wait!

cant wait to see your holiday photos, hope you had fun in germany :)

merry christmas!


-A said...

I'm back into the blogging world now :)
I trust that you'll be able to guess who I am?!
Followw mee lovely <3

Camilla said...

Phew, We were all slighly worried Santa had eaten you... :)

jessica wu said...

no you're a great blogger!
merry christmas!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i reallt want to see that movie, everyon says its so good. is it?

tegan said...

och aye. I must see 'Where the Wild Things Are'. My mum's a children's book illustrator, so we'll probably see it together :) And you're an awesome blogger! Shush. xo