Thursday, 31 December 2009

Some Curious and Rather Fantastic Occurrences

dontcha just love curious and rather fantastic occurrences?
well I'm happy to say that I have FOUR to tell you about today :]

occurrence the first
(this was the look on my face when I got the invite... closesly followed by something that slightly resembles a :D face)

camilla of Rainbow Paving Stones (a very awesome girl with a very awesome blog, her lookbook is the shizz, too) has invited me. THANK YOU CAMILLA :]

I've just posted my first look, so, uuuh, hype it or whatever you do on lookbook? yes I know I have miles to go on the lingo :] I'll become a fan of you guys (well I'll attempt to... sorry :p I swear I'll have got the hang of it in like a week,) if you tell me who you are.

occurrence the second
a beautiful blog award from PANDA of StudMuffin :]
Panda has an awesomely fun style which is half tight fitting body-conishness and half industrial amazing-military-coat-which-I-would-shamelessly-steal-off-her-ishness. with a bit of scenester thrown in :]

occurence the third
A Haute Mess award from TEGAN of Tegan on Toast. Ain't I a lucky girl? (no, actually, I'm excruciatingly clumsy. I just have nice friends :] )
Tegan is amazingly witty and her 'blog about life' is adorable. Plus... she has a TOASTER in her ROOM. Honestly, add a laptop and an ipod and you'll never need to leave your room again :]
both awards require seven things, but this post is long enough already so I'll save them for a few days :]
occurence the fourth
45 followers! five more untill 50!
ohemgee. Shall I go on the "I love every last one of you" spiel? My fingers are quite tired so I shall pray for five more followers and then give the soppiest speech ever when I reach 50 (if I ever do, that is. You never know, 45 could be just as much tolerance as the blogger community will give me.)


Camilla said...

well done on learning the 'lingo'??
Your welcomee :) xxx
great first look, and congrats on the awards bellaa xxx


Panda said...

Thanks yews Bella! <3
I had lookbook, but then i deleted it. And forgot that i needed a password to get an account again. *smacks head repeatedly against heels*
Panda xx
AWSUM piccy :-)

yiqin; said...

I love the lip color :)

Barb said...

great look!!

fhen said...

congratulations for the award and welcome to lookbook :D
happy 2010 too!

3-georgiia said...

happy new year! love the glasses xx

jessica wu said...

great glasses!
those WONDERFUL (i want them bad too!) shoes are from ALDO :D


-A said...

Hiiii my lovely :)
Are those glasses replacing the spurious sparkly specs?
Anyway congratulations on your awards <3
And may I ask for a lookbook invitation? You know who to call :)
hahaha love you

Sophie said...

That picture is gorgeous, seriously! Congratulations on your awards :) and your now 46 followers! Thanks so much for your very sweet comment on my blog. Happy new year. xo

Panda said...

Hey Bella,
We should be rebels together and dye our hair! MMHHHAAA HAA! Stupid parents >:-D
Panda xxxx

Dylana said...

Awesome sunglasses!

tegan said...

hehe thanks for that little summary of my blog, glad you like it :D and there was a laptop in there, but it died :( But I have an iPod! I'm almost there!

... but I need a mini fridge.
Oohhh and a kettle!!

Kay, shut up Teegs.
(I really need to go to Ikea)


Aimee said...

congrats on award :)

Sherin said...

Congrats on all the awards! I've just discovered your blog and love it.

Coco said...

Cute the sunnies.

E said...

Those glasses are seriously the coolest! And welcome to lookbook :-)

Margherita&Eleonora said...




Taylor Sterling said...

I love your style! Great fur hat!!