Sunday, 27 December 2009

snow and stuff :]

As promised, here is the roundup of pictures from the holidays...

First... CHRISTMAS :D lots of cute cousins (I am the oldest in my generation, you see, so there are many kiddies running around and asking me for things at any family occasion. Not to mention *shudder* lots of Miley Cyrus music *shudder*)


1) ipod touch 32g :D This was the big cheese for me. I've been wanting one for ages.
2) A giraffe. Well, sort of. my grandpa adopted one at the zoo for me. what a surprise that was.
3) THE CURE GREATEST HITS in my stocking (yessss!) and the ministry if sound 'electronic 80s' compilation from Loopy.
4) two books called "You know you're a child of the 80s when..." from Phoebe (and yes I am aware that I'm not, technically, a child of the 80s...) and the sartorialist's book in my stocking :]
5) a vintage baseball jacket from bee. Well it wasn't actually a present. I just stuck it my suitcase and she didn't notice. hehehe :3

Out Of the Blue - Julian Casablancas (now that sounds really soppy and taylor-swift-y, mostly because his name is casablancas but it's actually pretty good.)
Letting Go - Team Waterpolo
Haven't we all made this face when opening something?? :p

my amazing handmade wrapping paper :o

GERMANY (wooooo)
a snowball in action. This is a favourite pic of mine :]

the little town of Heidelburg ...and bee :]

OHMYGAWD. Did anyone else watch the dr. who christmas special?? OMGOMGOMGOMG. The master is so fucking evillll (lol at the part where hes wearing a dress :3) and the time lords cant come back. NOO. Then the doctor wont be the only one!! And they looked a little leery. Not like the doctor at all.
wow. I'm such a nerd. no, seriously. :L
Me eating my favourite German word (hmhmhmh that sounded better in my head) a FRIKKADELLE :] and what a word it is!


if you have any more awesome German words (or any language for that matter) drop me a comment :]

1) Visited a store where everything is made of gummy bears (well, not everything, but there's a lot of shit made of gummy bears)
2) wore three pairs of socks at the same time o_o
3) Stole some cool posters off the street. Except when my friend told me I could be arrested. Then I stopped.

I think that may just have been a record-breaking amount of photos.
So I won't bore you with a huge chunk of text at the end.
happy holidays bloginos :]


-A said...

Ahahah you will never get over the presence of Miley Cyrus on this planet, will you?

I got M.O.S Electric 80s and it's AMAZING :) Tainted Love forever... I <3 that song... only because I first heard it in Doctor Who :)

Which leads me on to DOCTOR WHO OMG! MASTER IN A DRESS TIME LORDS RETURN DONNA REMEMBERS AAAH. I take the word nerd to a whole new level - as you know ;)


Kiki said...

Glad you had such a great Christmas! Your cousins are so adorable haha. And Santa obviously lurvesss you :]

Germany looks like lots of fun too! Another awesome German word is kleidershrank, means wardrobe. But since I don't speak German, I just use it when I can't think of the word I really want! Like, "Mom, where did I put that, um.. kleidershrank? You know what I mean mom, THE KLEIDERSHRANK!"

Have an awesome day x

tegan said...

WOW. That town looks so cuuteee!! I've never been to Germany, but I did German in Year Seven Eight and Nine... fave word is still gegenubervon. Which means 'opposite' as in 'I live opposite the bakery... I live gegenubervon the bakery' hahahaha, German is such an awesome language :)

lovvee the wrapping paper. I saw one addressed to 'Spence'. Would he be a Spencer? I have only met one Spencer, my Dad. Hahah we call him DJ Spence.

Wow, that was long and random!

Tegan xo

Barb said...

your blog is so fun!

Camilla said...

It danish we have Frrigadelle, but It's spelt like, more Danish? Theyre like meatballs :) xxxx
Love it! xx

Panda said...

Hi there! :)
Long time, no see, Bella!! AAHHHH! GERMANY! LAND OF TASTY SWEET THINGS!!! heheehhe, oh and your cousins are so cute!!looks like you had a brilliant christmas, and thank yew so so much for your comment on my last post.
Panda xx

Lia said...

hah, i was in germany too,
which is some seriously long word and you just change the word and it can be anything. haha
lia xx

Elaine said...

Wow!!! I can't believe your grandpa adopted a giraffe for you!! That's got to be the best present ever.

fayeee said...

WOW THAT LOOS SO SO AWESOME! especially the hand mad3e wrapping paper and your trip to germany.
everything mad eout of gummy bears?
I sooo need to go there

michelle_ said...

i missed ur blog too muchd ear !
you seem to be having a great christmas !
and loved those handmade gift wraps very much . lucky u got an iTouch still stuck with my old 1st gen iTouch..haha..

you look very cozy in that purple get up . my fave part are ur boots ! i find it hard to stay warm and stylish at the same time (mayb its cause i live in a hot climate all year round eigh? - hahaha)

lovely blog post :D
thanks for the lovely comments for the blogger interview post.. hope you liked it ..
Hugs et Kisses.. Michelle @
glistersANDblisters . blogspot . com

lostincloset girl said...

Cuute :)

Melissa said...

looks so much fun! 'Shop of gummy bears' has totally sold it to me already! That wrapping paper is sooo good! Wish I could draw like that!


Megan said...

Love your christmas pictures, they're all so cute! And I must make a visit to this gummybear shop. It sounds magical :)

Panda said...

Wow, gorgeous photos! Love the snow boots, they're killer =D
Thanks so much for my lovely comment, && have a brilliant new year!

Panda xx

P.s i gave you an award! check moi bloggy!

Melissa~ said...

you have a giraffe, that's awesome, a great present.
cool for the new Ipod.

3-georgiia said...

that wrapping paper is awesome! xx

Leia said...

Love these pictures! So cute!

fhen said...

your xmas gifts are cool!!
hope you have a great holiday ahead
by the way, i have just followed you
mind to follow me back? :)


bryna said...

sounds like a fun holiday!

tegan said...

oooohh and I tagged you for an award on my blog :D xo

Giselle said...

I adore The cure.. And congrats for the Giraffe thats incredible.. So jealous you're in snow atm.. I'm under the air con and dieing of heat.. what a nightmare..

Dominic Doherty said...

Most of Germany sucks, I hate it most of the time but my mum is German so I had to move over here in 2008. Nothing better than London though, my father still lives and works there.
Heidelberg is quite nice though, at least that's what everybody tells me. Haven't had a chance to visit yet. Is it worth the trip?

Actually, I love the German word for gummy bear, "Gummibärchen". Such a cute nickname for a girl, if she's got some sense of humour and everyone's drunk :-)