Sunday, 10 January 2010

I'm not trying to impress you but..... I'm Batman.

so here is my gentlemanly outfit :]
I tried doodling it and thought the two pictures looked kinda cool next to one another.

jeans - Topshop, Creepers :D, shirt - brother's, bracespenders, the hat! woot!
oh and then I put it up on lookbook :)
I nicked the abe hat off my friend. I have been saying "fourscore and thirty years ago....." nonstop over the last few days :D fo shizz. I mean... for the shizz-eth (???) The braces/suspenders (whatever the hell you wanna call them... they both have alternate meanings...) are my latest purchase, from a store called "crazy vintage" in portobello :)

also, I have been considering a little new-years revamp. Maybe change my layout and header a little?


Lia said...

love the outfit and the drawing!

jessica wu said...

that's a really good drawing!!
i love it, do you edit it on the computer.. or do it on the computer?!


jessica wu said...

by the way, your profile picture seems really lady gaga-y, it's awesome!


Anonymous said...

very cute pic and skecth , really enjoying your blog , its interesting and happy new year to you :) !

Anonymous said...

The picture :)

michelle_ said...

you're such a talented illustrator . i think u sud post up more pictures you made !

can u draw one for me ? haha.. kiddingg..

thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog .
keep posting more inspirations !

much love from .
glisters and blisters :D

tegan said...

you're drawings are always so amazing *sigh* and yeah, I re-vamp like every week, haha! :D AHHH I wish I lived closer to London, Portobello and Camden Lock Market... ahhhhh. xo

3-georgiia said...

amazing drawing! x

Kiki said...

Well you did impress me whether you wanted to or not! Awesome outfit and great sketch too. My 'sketches' usually consist of stick figures.

Happy Monday? x

fashiiondiaries said...

good drawing! you look cool! :P

michelle_ said...

thanks for dropping by at my blog !
glisters and blisters :D
dont forget to check out my latest post on my vlog DIY Tutorial of my Patchwork Jeans !

Panda said...

Hiya Bella!
Wooaah. That outfit is tres awesome. (L)
I have a hat like that! But i found it in the snow. By my freinds house. In the park. With a feather sticking outta it. hhahaha.
Anyways, HOT TO TROT! :-D
Panda xxx

fadetoblack said...

ove your pants!++

B a la Moda said...

Very cute. Interesting outfit. The drawing is also cool. Go for the revamp!

B* a la Moda

Andie said...

hey you have a new profile pic! anyways ABE HAT=AWESOMENESS!! and those pants are cuhrazzyyyy, you know i love them (unless you dont..)

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Bubu said...


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Nara said...

Lovely blog!

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C. said...

love it! your good at drawing too !

xo, C.

E said...

This is so fabulous and inventive! I love it!

megara said...

very unique and stylish blog! i love the sketch next to the pic!

very cool.

Nina said...

Your outfit is just perfect ... it has soooo much oomph to it ... AND you're sooo talented!

Sioux-San said...

Love the drawing and the outfit, and very nice pair of creepers, you have! :)


The Style Rider said...

I love the color of those shoes! It reminds me of rasberry ice cream

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