Thursday, 14 January 2010

revamp much?

well then, what do you think of the new layout/header/coolie little side bits/etc? please do tell me if there's anything you think is shit compared to the old one so I can change it back :)

So, it is the last day of holidays (well, technically, the first day back, but I'm home sick...) and I still owe you 14 things. Here they are and I've made them all cool too with the whole "my top..(insert thingie)..of the winter holidays" theme :)

1. present ipod touch 32g :) it replaced my rather retro ipod mini...

2. present 2 vintage baseball jacket which I have worn practically every day since i got it (I'm wearing it two posts back, in fact.)

3. purchase

my ukulele! considering that the infamous tambojukulele doesn't actually work, I squandered my xmas money on this awesome green one :) it took a long while to get here but it was worth it...

4. purchase 2 braces/suspenders as seen in the last post. They go with anything and generally rock :)

5. wish (clothes)
American Apparel CAPE. WOOT.

6. wish (shoes)
pink. winklepickers. from Underground Shoes.

7. movie 'Laputa, Castle in the Sky' which I watched ith Bee and Nicky who are genuinely supportive of my Miyazaki obsession. Thank you :')

8. book 'Riddley Walker.' Post-apocalyptic and told in a form of English that doesn't yet exist. It sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does :)

9. song it's between 'Out of the Blue' - Julian Casablancas, 'Right and Wrong' - the Soft Pack and 'Letting Go' - Team Waterpolo.

10. album
I Told you I was Freaky - Flight of the Conchords. (It could be the Cure greatest Hits but I feel I've gone on about that enough.) but honestly, every song is hilarious and completely listenable - not just soundtracky / pisstakey.

11. tv MISFITS. oh. my. god. My brother and I downloaded all six glorious episodes onto our ipods between us... I know I'm being cringingly teenage but it is, in fact, an AMAZING show. I could go on about it for a whole post so, I'll tell you what, if you share my views, email me and we can have a nice gossip. OK one more thing: NATHAN :D

12. makeup Stargazer hot pink lipstick. The colour looks like it was designed by a five-year-old hannah montana fan but it does go with everything :)

13. website Youtube! I haven't always been a big fan of it (ie I only watched Charlie the Unicorn, charlieissocoollike and nerimon. oh and the dramatic gopher) but after staying up untill 4am the other night with Abbie surfing it I believe I may be hooked :)
Oh and also a website we found which lets you watch every pokemon episode for FREE! OMG! I'm such a freak!

14. yucky thing The cold I have right now D: luckily, it is almost gone :)

So now you have the difficult job of rating the new layout and emailing me if you too are a fan of Misfits. And laughing about my pokenerdiness :)


the girl with the satchel said...

well I simply love your new background and side thingings,you got a ukulele, I am soooo jealous!!! I have always wanted a pink or powder blue one, I've heard about 'misfits' I really should start watching it, xxx

Camilla said...



Aimee said...

love the cape and the new header looks great :)

British Blogger said...

yes, i have been reading your blog.
and i love the new layout, and think you're cool.
nearly as cool as the SHINY LADY :DDD

gina xxx

M. said...

I want the aa cape so much too!

lovelove, M.

Panda said...

you are so hot i could die. fuck.
Misfits = best show in the world. CANT WAIT FOR SERIES TWO!
Thats a daaayym cool ukulele...
Panda xx

michelle_ said...

hahahah . you have a great sense of humour .. "my rather retro ipod mini"/..

owhh and id be great if you could illustrate me :D
id love that very uch.. never been illustrated before :D

thanks for the offer dear !

JMay said...

love love LOVE Flight of the concords...and I kinda love ur blog too :-)

Now following!

C. said...

the green ukulele! and those pink shoes <3

xo, C.

Elaine said...

This was a great list. That ukele is amazing!!! I love that you picked a green one.

Marla Singer said...

i love your cute header!
the AA cape is gorgeous <333

fadetoblack said...

love the new layout!

all about the style said...

loving your blog

JoJo said...

I love your green guitar!! The capelet and pinkshoes are also so cool!
check me out at:

Anonymous said...

Flight of the conchords <3 :)
I love them their show is amazinggggggggg :D