Saturday, 23 January 2010

my week BOOM

and what a stressful one it has been.
Last week consisted of:

dressing up as a leopard

I finally inherited this coat from my Grandma after bugging her about it for ages. I actually wore this outfit on Monday... and. omg! My headteacher saw me in this outift and told me, "young lady, you look very mysterious. I like your coat." lml :)

Oh and that's a pocky in my hand. I wanted a cigarette in a long holder like audrey but the pocky had to suffice :)

This was inspired by 'Petals' by the Honorary Title. (Does anyone know what that is???)

baking conceptual cakes
cupcakes are a human right of passage. These were actually baked to keep my little cousin busy but after she left I couldn't help but get a little artsy :p
zipper cake

Chanel cakes

Cakes which observe YOU :o

pacman cake and friends
patriotic cake (I didn't have any blue...)

making gcse choices
stress! Other year nines will know how I feel. Only at my school we have to choose four extra subjects instead of three. AGH. well, as it stands, my gcses are:
English English Lit. Maths (grr) Blodge Chem Physics German
and my extras are: Art (yeeaah) RS History Drama
only my Dad wants me to do Latin instead of Drama 'cause it's family tradition or some shit. grraaaaaah.

and I've been reading Lord of The Rings and dancing and singing and thinking about dying my hair :)

AND ONE LAST THING! (this is important...)
thanks for all the support after my drawing of michelle! (I'm almost at 60 followers! keep em coming!) SO. If you commented asking to be drawn... email me at and it shall be done :)


3-georgiia said...

mmmm craving a fur coat SO badly! your is gorgeous :) those cakes look yummy too! xx

betz said...

oh, that looks so yummazing! your coat is gorgeous! you look stunning bella.


Kiki said...

RADICAL coat, for real. I wish my grandma would pass something like that down to me. And haha, love the pocky.

Cute cupcakes, too :] I baked up a batch today as well! x

alice wayne said...

petals is an amazing song by an amazing band, so sad they are no more.

E said...

I love the boots that you paired with your look and what cute cookies!

fadetoblack said...

love your jacket... haha if my gran had one i wouldve bugged her for it too! and i love your little chanel logo cakes :)

B said...

okay, I LOVE YOUR COAT, i need one like that in my life but sadly it might be too hot to wear here where i live. oh and btw cute cupcakes now i'm craving for some.. :))

follow me back? :)

fayeee said...

your an amazing drawer that it puts my doodles to shamee :( darn you ;) but yes your very welcome.
I love the chanel cakes and dont get all worried about gcses, i did mine last year and when yo get to college gcses are NOTHING in comparison!

tegan said...

ahh, options. those were the days. just you wait until Year Ten - it's more work, but NO MORE GEOGRAPHY YESSSSS. I took Photography French Drama and History. And your parents can't make you choose, they're your decision!

-A said...

Bellaaaa darling <3
Your momma caved in and let you do art and drama? No such luck for me but dad said if I don't do an art gcse he'll buy me an A3 sketchbook anywayy :)
You know I'd love you to draw me so please do... I won't stop asking :D
Oh and we need to have a cupcake-making-fest-sleepover soon, it could be like a showdown... yum <3
lovee you xxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah said...

Awesome coat and those cupcakes look delissshh!

C. said...

Love the fur coat! the cupcakes are adorable!!


michelle_ said...

the zipper cake is soo cute !
and loving that leopard cake v-much !

thanks soo much for dropping by at my blog :D
hope you'll check out my new post up now :D

love . michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

kavita@iheartvintagex said...

Those cupcakes look FAB! And I love the leopard coat ♥
P.s. I have a contest on my blog for urban decay makeup :)

Panda said...

Wow, i love this outfit! NEED THE COAT.. :-)
Panda xx
Oh + thanks so much for my lovely comment, as always i appreciate it!

Christina said...

I'm so jealous of that coat from your grandma! She sounds like a fabulous lady!

And those cakes are ADORABLE.

Dannie said...

youre sooo cool, i loove your leopard coat- too chic! and thoe cupcakes are adorable, the zipper one is my faaave :)

jessica wu said...

love love love love THE COAT. it's beautiful

and the union jack + zipper cupcakes are adorable!


olivias-pizzaz said...

omg Im just about to order this leopard coat but you are so lucky to get one for free! Its soo lovely too!! perfect for winter! and your cupcakes look so good right now. I wish I could eat one haha

Elaine said...

Hahahaha, your cakes are AWESOME!!!!! I want to try decorting now too :D

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love your leopard coat! You look so chic!

lostincloset girl said...

I LOOOVE your coat!

Aimee said...

love your fur coat!! im folllowing! :)

Wendy said...

Love your leopard coat!

Andie said...

weeeee fancy cakes! and i love that leopard coat, you look fabulous dahling, absolutely fabulous!

and what do i email you? "hey i want you to draw me"? if thats it then be prepared to receive an email from a really random email address saying "hey i want you to draw me" kay?
i cant help but feel demading... sorry...

yiqin; said...

The leopard print coat is damn chic!!

C. said...

ps. I've given you an award on my latest post!


Style of a Fashionista said...

lol love the coat story. Your nan has amazing style what a fabulous coat xoxo