Tuesday, 2 February 2010

so my hair is pink...

Well, it's pink-ish. In the underlayer bits. But that's not the only thing I have to tell you... it just seemed like an attention-grabbing header :)

see? Pink-ish...

If you're wondering about the KISS-esque makeup, me and Abbie are creating the coolest piss-take band ever... APPLE. (In other words we are doing web design in IT and we needed a subject. Oh and we couldn't find a name so we mooched off Steve Jobs :D )

Oh and we're heavy-metal. on the ukulele :o

she's on vocals and guitar and I'm on the uke :)

.....my friend said that this picture made her a bit scared. heheh.

lol at the contrasts in our expressions :p

OK, so enough of those. Now it's time for a drawing!
Jessica from Polised Sense of Style asked me to draw a header-type thingie. tadaah :)

remember, if you want a drawing, email me :)

and omg! Over 60 followers! cheers to all yew guise... let's try for 70? :o


Sarah said...

Your pink hair is awesome! Probs for dying it.

Love the little "quote" on your uke, very hardcore. ^_^

Kiki said...

Ohhhh gosh Bella, you're awesome. Love your hair and make up, very bold! I'm sure your band will go far haha. The ukulele is underrepresented.

Hope you're having a good day x

jessica wu said...

gorgeous hair!
the makeup is INTENSE!


Barb said...

your hair is awesome!
love it!


My New Favourite Thing said...

loving the new pink hair...wish I had the guts to do it too.

E said...

I really like the direction you took with this project. I just to love drawing strange designs on my face for parties in high school and channeling David Bowie or Rob Zombie or something.

yiqin; said...

The makeup is so cute <3

Andie said...

OMG I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP!! ITS KISS! props to your friend dressed up as catman. and ooo the ukulele, rock n roll! haha
this post really made me smile/laugh! thanks for that :)


Adela said...

oooh i love your hair!!! =D


Yuka said...

i adore the hair! looks so good on you.

Emilie.Katogo said...

Your makeup looks amazing.
Makeup artist one day?


F i K a said...

the make up is amazing!!
I love your hair!! :)

LaurenSchoon said...

Great makeup! And I love your hair!!

Megan said...

Love your hair and the makeup you guys did made me laugh, good luck with your piss take band

blackecstasy said...

wahh! ur make up! really inspire mee! ur pink hair is just stunning as you are :)
have a nice day :)
i've follow and linked ur blog btw
love this post :)<3


yudia aiiu


fadetoblack said...

haha thats awesome!!

Teresa said...

Great makeup!! I love it! And the ukelele?? Totally awesome.


michelle_ said...

howd u get the pink hairr ??
did u dye it or did you wear a wig ?