Monday, 22 February 2010

finally, pictures from miami

Camilla beat me to putting up Miami pictures D:
My aunt and my mum (not to mention me) are both quite photoish so there were quite a lot of options :)
That's 'WONDERLAND' on my face :)

I didn't get a particularly good picture but, ohmygaawd, this puppy was so cute :)

This is some awesome miami street style. She asked me if I wanted to work for american apparel in Miami (oh what a wonderful place, I am actually wanted) and we eventually got into a long conversation about photography, art college, etc.
Still, I tackled my fear of asking people for their photos :)

zoo. There are not wild flamingos roaming the streets of south beach.

I'm not sure why I put this in. It's me and my brother having a breath holding competition (hahahah he would not like to know this is on brother is WAY popular.)
I won by the way. I have weird breath-holding powers :)
all taken by either me, my mum or my aunt

Also, I am aware that Kiki and her kaleidoscope have tagged me but this post is long enough already so expect the details of that soon :)

I desperately need some menwear dress shoes (Topman starts at size 6 and I am a 5. grrr) so if you see any nice ones then let me know :)


Camilla said...

Love these- much more useful photos than I have, they beutiful! But yeah, i did beat ya. :)
And I saw some awesome street style- but failed to gather up the courage to ask for pictures.. :) x


(always)alanna said...

super cute- i absolutely adore those glasses. looks like so much fun!
check out aldo for shoes :)
adore your blog! cant wait to stop by again soon!

olivias-pizzaz said...

omg looks fun!! hope u had a good time

michelle_ said...

you should check out forever21 ! they've got a GLITTERED oxfords at the moment . i think those glittered ones will suit ur rad personality !

hope you've had a great time in Miami ! that street style girl has got awesome fro !

many thanks for the sweet comments .
visit - follow - comment me

Trop Rouge said...

ooh fun times!!

MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot!

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