Thursday, 11 February 2010

"I'm the Pink Sheep of the Family"

^ -Alexander McQueen. You were a great man and a true inspiration. Although you are gone, you continue to inspire so many people that your work shall remain immortal. RIP. still hasn't quite sunk in yet that my second favourite designer is gone, which means this post might be a little bit sombre even though I do have two things to tell you about.

As I mentioned before, I recieved a very intriguing email inviting me to take part in's 'Bargainista Challenge.' The winner, along with a friend, get to attend London Fashion Weekend and the second prize is some pretty generous Topshop Vouchers.
The aim of the competition is to put together your best bargain finds then put a picture on your blog along with bargain-y tips.
My tip is to conventionally raid other people's closets! Grandmas work especially well... also, you never know what you could find at a boot sale! (that's a swap meet for you americans.)
Scarf, Hermes - (Grandma) £0 (told you, grandmas are great!), undery-vest - Primark £1, On topy-vest, J Crew (Mum) £0, Shorts, rokit £10, Jacket - Givenchy (Boot Sale) £1, Leopard coat, Vintage (Grandma) £0, Tights - Primark £1
Total Cost £13! yeah.
I'm going to visit my family in Miami for about a week, so I doubt I'll be able to make any posts :( However, I may have internet at the hotel so there could be time for a little blogwalking/comment returning :)


Tea For Two said...

I'm gutted too. He was my favourite designer alongside Westwood. :(

Have fun with your famille.

Kiki said...

I know how you feel. He was my favorite as well, it's hard to imagine that we'll never see another one of his shows..

On a sort of out of place, happy note, I've tagged you on my blog! Have fun in Miami x

fadetoblack said...

long live McQueen!

Megan said...

He will certainly be missed.

On a happier note, I adore thaat jacket to the high heavens, you lucky girl, getting such a perfect jacket for free.

Andie said...

you look great!
and RIP mcqueen! :(:((((

Barb said...

have fun in Miami!

Clara said...

great blog
love your leopard jacket

jessica wu said...

he was too amazing :'(
btw, cute outfit, lovin ' the coat

so thriftily adorable!


My New Favourite Thing said...

well said, he'll be greatly missed.

I left a little something on my blog for you! x

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

it's so so so sad taht hes gone :(

Camilla said...

Aloha Miami buddy. (Na, it doesnt sound THAT stalkerish) Im sorry, it has been a while since I have commented.
You see, I was abducted by aliens.
It was fun, we chilled in their 'crib'
anyway, Love this outfit- like ALOT.


bella said...

i love your ld room idea thing :) i have some old records which i was thinking of doing something similar with, maybe putting them all on the ceiling?!
aaaanyway bella. love your blog and your name. and mcqueen will never be forgotten! kiss kiss.

olivias-pizzaz said...

omg thats sooo coool i hope u win!

Barbara Frankie said...

epic outfit, absolutley effortless xx

pixelhazard said...

It's a great loss to the fashion world. One a lighter note, have a great trip. Nice outfit!

SophieGrace said...

I love your outfit. Boot sales are amazing if you find something great like you did!

Melissa said...

I love that coat <3
& I agree with your advice about raiding other people's closets (:

xx, Melissa

StuddedLilly said...

great outfit and the price is just super!! love your blog and yes..McQueen will be missed..